Saturday, July 11, 2009

Mid-Summer Update

OCS: Check in the box

Hello gentlemen of 2nd Fitten. It's good to be back after completing my 6 weeks of training in Quantico, Virginia. I've successfully graduated from Officer Candidate School and only have about 36 hours of school between me and a commission.

If you'd like to know more about what it was like to be at OCS, I'll be filling everyone in on my personal blog HERE. While I was there I kept a dairy and I’ll be posting pieces of it on a daily basis so subscribe to the feed for updates.

As for my Syrian Co-PL

I spoke with Khaled earlier in the week. He's just returned from his trip to Syria where he spent time with his family among other adventures. All and all, he's doing the same thing's he's been doing since the summer began. If you'd like to know more give him a call. Perhaps he might want to start a blog where he can share with us what his trip to Syria was like.

An IMPORTANT issue concerning the upcoming GT Football Season

You're probably aware that the student ticket policy has changed for 2009. (A summary of those changes is available here) I'm putting together a block/group for this season. NOTE: If you want a guaranteed ticket, it will be $36. If you want to join our block, join the Facebook group.

Our block will no doubt be the loudest, most school spirited block in the stadium! NOTE: in your Non-FE housing, your RAs will probably not try to form a block. Feel free to invite YOUR friends to join our block, it does NOT have to be only former 2nd Fitteneers.

So In The Fall...

...Khaled and I MIGHT be going back to Fitten. The building is apparently staying open for this coming school year and I've been requesting that we get put back into the best floor on campus.

It won't be the same without you guys in there, but it is still better than Caldwell.

There is still a possibility we'll be living in Caldwell, but hopefully FFM remains our home

Like every good family...

Since we all know that 2nd Fitten isn't just a floor, it's a family, we'll be doing some type of family reunion in the fall.

Whether its doing a Friday Night Hangout where you guys join our new residents on our weekly tradition, or a cookout at the volleyball courts (Alumni Park), we'll do something that we can all enjoy. More details to come on that activity soon. It will probably occur within the first week or two of school since I'm sure everyone is anxious to meet up and share summer stories.

In addition to the reunion, we'll have that block so we can all spend some time together on game day (tailgate anyone?). In the mean time, there's always Twitter.

Enjoy the rest of your summer

I’m headed back to Atlanta on 31 July. Staff (PL) training starts on August 2nd. You already know my door will be wide open so drop by just to say hi or come down and relax with Khaled & I on west campus.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

This Saturday (Hall Olympics & T-Day Game)

The 3rd Annual West Campus Hall Olympics

My take on this year’s event

The Hall Olympics were created as a way to promote floor/building/area pride in the spring of 2008 among the residents of the west campus Freshman Experience program.

The residents of Glenn & Towers have their “Battle for the quad” which has been running for at least 4 years now, however this is a PL organized event and involved only sporting competitions in a tournament setting.Hula Hoop Rubik's Cube Contest

The Hall Olympics is supposed to be so much more. In the first annual event we combined many ideas to create a “carnival like” with a variety of FREE food (grilled food, cotton candy, popcorn, etc) and a bragging rights contest to go along with it. The success of the first Hall Olympics was beyond what most expected from a freshman Hall Council.

This year’s Hall Olympics will follow in the tradition of the past two tournaments to crown a Hall as the “best of the west” (Fitten [FFM] won the 1st year and I believe Caldwell [FCA] won last year). I’m sure our floor, 2nd Fitten, will put on and the trophy will be back in the hands of the original residence hall.

I’ll try to do my part to go to both this event AND the T-Day game (more on that later) since they have both been scheduled for the same time.

Hall Olympics Event Times
  • Soccer: 12-2
  • Sack race: 12-12:30
  • Jousting: 12-1
  • Ultimate (Frisbee): 2-3:30
  • 3-Legged Race: 1-1:30
  • Doughnut eating contest: 2:30-3
  • Tug: 3-3:30
A Message to FFM residents

Hello Residents of FFM:
The time has come to compete against Folk/Caldwell and Hefner/Armstrong in order to win this year's Hall Olympics. Events include soccer, ultimate Frisbee, tug of war and jousting among others. We need you all to sign up for events that you are interested in competing in so that we can bring the Hall Olympics trophy back to FFM! Sign up sheets are located in the lobbies of Freeman/MCIMG3830ontag and Fitten.

Just the Facts

WHAT: Hall Olympics
WHEN: Saturday, April 18th from 12pm - 3pm/4pm
WHERE: Burger Bowl
WHY: Because there will be plenty of food + prizes, and you'll earn bragging rights
Sign up sheets will be posted until Friday afternoon, so please sign up ASAP!


T-Day Game

Georgia Tech’s spring football comes to an end this Saturday with the annual spring game.

ADMISSION IS FREE - Open to the Public!

Schedule of Events:

10:00 am: T-Day Wreckfest on Callaway Plaza
  * Interactive games, Face painters, music, GT merchandise and more...
11:00 am: Gates Open (Gates 5, 7 and 9)
  * West side of stadium is CLOSED for stadium upgrades

11:30 am: GT Marching Band performs on steps of Callaway Plaza

12:00 Noon: Toe Meets Leather in T-Day Game

The North Avenue Bulletin will be there to cover the event. I might need some help from anyone interested in providing a hand with the stat sheet.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Apr 14 Hall Council Live Blog

Use the hashtag #FFMHC to contribute to this live blog. Your tweets will automatically go on here.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Hall Council Apr 7 Live Blog

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Floor Meeting Time Shifted

Tomorrow’s mandatory closing meeting time has changed. The new time is:

9:00 PM (Monday April 6, 2009)

2nd Floor Fitten Lounge

Attendance to this meeting is required. We will be discussing community issues, as well as procedures you need to know in order to properly check-out of your current residence.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Voting for SGA is OPEN!

  • Vote now in Georgia Tech's SGA elections via here.
  • Don't know who to vote for? Pick up today's Technique or read it online for FREE here.
  • Listen to a recording of the debate via WREK radio here.
You can go back and edit your vote until 4 PM on Wednesday.

FNHO Options

Benjamin Button Re-located

The free screening of The Curious Case of Benjamin Button  by the Student Center Programs Council has been moved to Skiles Walkway (aka construction-land) due to the current conditions of our beloved Burger Bowl.

HUGE ACC Baseball showdown

Georgia Tech, #3 in the nation, will be hosting the UNC Tar Heels, #5 in the nation, for a weekend series that will have a deep impact on the ACC baseball standings. This is a series you certainly will not want to miss. Currently our Beesball team is projected to host a regional in Atlanta during the NCAA Baseball Tournament (which occurs throughout May and June).

Tech Football Practice

Every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday your Yellow Jackets are hitting the Rose Bowl field as they pave the way to the BCS national championship game (which will be played in the original Rose Bowl). Come out @ 3:30 along with the reporter from the North Avenue Bulletin and enjoy a little bit of spring football, as well as support fellow 2nd Fitteneer Phil Smith.

Today is also a good day to come because there are supposed to be roughly 400 coaches at Coach Johnson’s Clinic!

Other Ideas?

Do you know of anything cool going on today (Friday) that we could do for Friday Night Hangout? Comment or Tweet about it. We wanna hear your thoughts.

Next Week

YOUR Atlanta Braves host their season opener  matchup versus the Washington Nationals this coming Friday. Anyone else interested in doing this for FNHO?